Frank Inzan Owen is an educator, mentor, and facilitator of a form of Nature-and-psyche-informed spiritual companioning he calls contemplative soulwork. He thinks of himself as a "fellow Traveler on the Way," with a role of supporting others in their conscious unfolding (whatever their respective path). In addition to his work with individuals and groups through the School of Soft-Attention, he also serves as a spiritual care provider for TACC Atlanta, a nonprofit community counseling center and training center for future counselors and chaplains.

In his work, Frank combines his academic, professional, and spiritual studies with the overall aim of supporting people in their spiritual growth, creative unfoldment, and "inner archaeology." His work largely revolves around the inner life of caregivers, artists, and creatives; people in midlife transition (inner and outer); HSPs (highly-sensitive persons, or what he prefers to call 'highly energetically-attuned persons'); and individuals engaged in the process of spiritual formation and life-path clarification.

He earned an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and pursued post-graduate studies in Jungian studies, Jungian Dreambody work (Process-Oriented Psychology), and Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP), a course of study developed by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

For a decade, he studied with Darion Kuma Gracen (1949-2007), a counselor, educator, wilderness guide, and spiritual mentor who practiced a syncretic path she called Wayfaring -- a Nature-oriented contemplative and creative path that draws inspiration from an East Asian tradition of scholar-warriors, artist-intellectuals, mountain priests, and forest-wandering poets. Frank continues to walk this path today.

Year-long SIP Program (Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy), 2021

Life Path Exploration Facilitator Training I, II, III

with Darion Kuma Gracen, 1996-1998

M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology

Naropa University, 1996

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies

Naropa University, 1993

Humanistic Psychology/Japanese Religions

Northland College, 1988-1991


Post-Graduate Jungian Studies and Advanced Dreamwork with Clyde Reid, Ph.D.

Diversity Awareness Training with Victor Lewis

Process-Oriented Psychology & Dreambody Training

with Max Schupbach and Jytte Vikkelsoe

800-hour supervised graduate clinical internship


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Contemplative soulwork is a form of spiritual companioning, creative inquiry, and life path exploration. Our work together is held in strict confidentiality. Though I have a graduate degree in counseling psychology and advanced training in psychotherapy, this work is not therapeutic in focus and not intended to serve as a substitute for mental health counseling, psychiatric treatment, addiction recovery, or other medical care. If in the process of working together, themes, content, or issues arise that necessitate traditional counseling, psychotherapy, recovery work, or psychiatric services, every effort will be made to connect you with those resources.