Every day is a journey

and the journey itself is home.

Matsuo Bashō (1644-1694), Wayfaring poet



I think of this work as contemplative innerwork. Though informed by Jungian principles and understandings of the human psyche (soul), and bolstered by insights from my graduate-level training in transpersonal counseling, this is not psychotherapy but rather a process of deep spiritual inquiry and life-path clarification.

I also view the attending and deep listening to be a means of serving others and, thus, an extension of my own spiritual path as a Wayfarer.

A common thread connecting all of the people with whom I have worked over the years seems to be that they are deep-feeling seekers who have experienced
a calling of some kind.

This is not the "call" of fame, status, or any of the other fleeting baubles and material distractions emphasized in the world of red dust. Instead, this 'sense of calling' is for a deeper, more congruent life of meaning, spirituality, creativity, peace, and service. Some have described it as a calling to "something real, vital," to "something simple, connected," to "something creative, life-giving."

Though it can sometimes manifest for some, initially, as a feeling of disorientation, irritation at current circumstances, or restlessness, ultimately this calling is to the Great Integrity of one's life path. Some report a sudden shift in priorities such as a newfound desire for contemplative and numinous experiences, exploration of dreams, connection to Nature, a sense of nurturing an inner life, and a yearning to feel a greater sense of free-flowing ease and allyship with one's heart-mind and consciousness.

There are many different types of callings, of course. A calling can be a creative calling, such as a desire to birth something new, or to bring some vision into the world. A calling can be one that leads us to what Jungian depth psychology refers to as alchemy; namely, the exploration of pivotal energies, inner images, and arising themes from the dark-enigma layers of the psyche (soul). A calling may also be a spiritual calling, the kind where the conscious cultivation of heart-mind, one's connection to Spirit and Nature, or a desire to serve snaps into focus.

A calling may be vague and subtle, at first; or, it may arrive one day with a sense of gnawing urgency --- as if our life depended upon it. Either way, when we begin to pay attention to this calling, it initiates an important journey.

Are you a person who has experienced a calling of one kind or another, and you are trying to make sense of it?

Are you trying to discover (or re-discover) the essential thread of your spiritual life?

Are you a person interested in exploring the evolutionary nature of the psyche (soul) and the governing principles of revelation and growth that are unique to you?

Are you navigating the tides of change and trying to simultaneously discern what you think, feel, believe, and need?

Are there compelling themes arising in your life that feel disorienting or that you feel are trying to lead you somewhere?

If so, this path of innerwork may be of service to you. It is characterized by deep listening, tracking themes, and engaging with different tools of intuitive inquiry and nourishing inner exploration.

People Who Benefit Most From This Work

  • People involved in life transitions or undergoing initiatory change

  • Individuals assessing (or re-assessing) beliefs (spiritual clarification)

  • People seeking to develop a deeper relationship with their inner world, inner guidance, and dreams

  • HSPs (highly-sensitive persons) just beginning to learn about their traits (Are you an HSP?)

  • Creatives working to seed and root a project, or those seeking to work through creative blocks to move a project forward

  • Leaders and managers in organizations navigating their own shifts around inner and outer change

  • Those fellow travelers interested in cultivating a Nature-oriented spirituality, a contemplative-meditation practice, a creative life

  • Wayfarers who have actively chosen to follow a solitary path a.k.a. "hermiteering" (but who still need support on their way-within-the Way)

I work with people of all religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender identities, and ethnic heritages. I view this work as a Wayfarer's outpost. All are welcome. Among the diverse backgrounds of people with whom I have worked are:

  • caregivers, therapists, ministers

  • leaders in organizations

  • chaplains and chaplains-in-training

  • actors, artists, musicians, poets and writers midwifing the spirit of a project

  • animists, contemplatives, and Wayfarers (of various traditions)

  • individuals traversing the disorienting landscape of midlife

  • highly energy-aware and intuitive people

  • people involved in a process of spiritual clarification, discernment, or formation

Some journeys (and some phases of a journey) have to be made alone. At other times, however, it can be helpful to journey with a Wayfarer who understands the nature of deeper callings, dreams, inner terrain, and the mysterious process of change. If you are at a place where the presence of a seasoned fellow traveler would be of service to your path, let's explore journeying together for a while.

To learn more about the flow and rhythm of this work, read: The Process

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This work is a form of spiritual companioning, intuitive inquiry, and life path exploration. Our work together is held in strict confidentiality. Though I have a graduate degree in counseling psychology and advanced training in psychotherapy, this work is not reparative psychotherapy, therapeutic in focus, and not intended to serve as a substitute for mental health counseling, psychiatric treatment, addiction or trauma recovery, or other medical care. If, in the process of working together, themes, content, or issues arise that necessitate traditional counseling, psychotherapy, recovery work, or psychiatric services, every effort will be made to connect you with those resources.