The heart of a human being

is no different than the

soul of heaven and earth.

Your heart is full of fertile seeds

waiting to sprout.

O Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969),

Founder of Aikido

Contemplative soulwork is a form of spiritual companioning, life-path exploration, and creative attunement. It is a process of Deep Listening, a way of collaborative inner work, and a journey of attending to the deeper themes stirring within a life.

It is not psychotherapy or mental health counseling but rather an inquiry and exploration of one's path, creativity, and soul. Each person is communicated with as a Fellow Traveler or Wayfarer on a journey, not as a "student" or "patient." There are no doctors or gurus here.

Through this exploration, a process of learning and soul-attunement is activated and unfurls toward greater awareness, alignment, integration, and life congruence. The journey flows at a natural pace, honoring the themes that arise — which may apply as much to matters of creativity, lifestyle, and present-day life choices as it does to spirituality, dreams, the impact of these times of change and strain, or past experiences of heart-mind that influence today.

The view here is that each person, ultimately, answers to an inner living process that has an ancient, autonomous intelligence, whose unfolding wisdom is revealed in gradual ways but whose fullness, energy, momentum, and directives are often concealed in the subterranean depths of who we are.

Accessing the wisdom of this living process is an ongoing practice and often necessitates slowing down and paying attention. I call the practice of attuning to the emerging themes of soul contemplative soulwork.

I work with people of diverse backgrounds including but not limited to caregivers, therapists, healers, chaplains, artists, poets and writers, contemplatives and Wayfarers, individuals traversing the landscape of midlife, HSPs, people involved in a process of spiritual formation, and those undergoing significant change.

People Who Benefit Most
From Contemplative Soulwork
  • People involved in life transitions

  • Individuals assessing beliefs and spiritual clarification

  • People seeking to develop a deeper relationship with their inner world and dreams

  • HSPs (highly-sensitive persons) just beginning to learn about their traits (Are you an HSP?)

  • Creatives working through creative blocks or trying to move a project forward

  • Leaders and managers in organizations navigating their own shifts around inner and outer change

  • Those fellow "Travelers" interested in cultivating a meditation practice, a Nature-oriented spirituality, and contemplative life, and those Wayfarers who have actively chosen to follow a solitary path of spirituality (but who still need support on their way)

Learn More About the Process

of Contemplative Soulwork


Contemplative soulwork is a form of spiritual companioning, creative inquiry, and life path exploration. Our work together is held in strict confidentiality. Though I have a graduate degree in counseling psychology and advanced training in psychotherapy, this work is not therapeutic in focus and not intended to serve as a substitute for mental health counseling, psychiatric treatment, addiction or trauma recovery, or other medical care. If in the process of working together, themes, content, or issues arise that necessitate traditional counseling, psychotherapy, recovery work, or psychiatric services, every effort will be made to connect you with those resources.

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